Those who want “to invest in the brick” find us a worthy ally: we have a variety of real estate, commercial and non-residential properties, department stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, offices, clothing stores, handicrafts etc., that is a good alternative for those who wants to win a “well shelter” in permanent revaluation.

We have been investing in Italy, France and Switzerland for fifty years We have agreements with local banks and public notaries so that your investment can be a great deal even in terms of time to spend: the minimum possible.

In fact it is our care following you in bargaining mortgage and the various steps leading to get the real estate property, but we will not forget you even afterwards, when you may have decided to get a revenue from your investment, by renting it!
Benzi Group staff is able to handle your investment on behalf of you: bank and mortgage monitoring, rental payments, maintenance, insurance until the annual income tax returns.

Complete consulting provided by us supports clients in setting up and managing ad hoc companies.